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Classicho Long and Short by TCC

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A timeless illusion with a new mechanism.

Available to order between 26, July 2024 and 29, July 2024.
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Classicho Long and Short by TCC

Classicho Long and Short by TCC



A timeless illusion with a new mechanism.

To resurrect an age-old magic trick, we traced its origins and discovered a variation that has been overlooked but is incredibly clever. Historical records tell us that this prop was first crafted by P&L back in 1934. It was a fantastic visual effect known as the “Stretch-It Boom-E-Rang c.” The trick capitalizes on the illusion created by geometric arcs and the psychological sway of magic, making the audience experience the magic’s sense of wonder. The effect involves the magician displaying two identical curved boards, and then continuously making one of them appear longer than the other.

Later, in the late 20th century, Haenchen and Viking also put their spin on this effect, but the principle remained the same, with only adjustments made to the final size. Even today, this effect is included in various children’s magic sets because of its interesting principle and simple operation, making it popular among the audience.

However, we believe that this product still has untapped potential. So, we initiated this project to preserve the principle while refining the dimensions and aesthetics, incorporating a magnetic mechanism that greatly enhances the magical effect and allows the audience to handle and examine the prop. For the materials, we have chosen high-quality ebony wood. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with a keen eye for detail. Whether it’s the uniformity of the carved lines’ size or the hidden traces of the embedded magnets, we ensured precision down to 0.05mm. The extremely low defect rate allows us to present this timeless magic classic that seamlessly blends collectability and practicality – Long & Short (Illusion Long Short Board).

We hope this product can become a powerful tool to enrich your magic performances, and we also wish that it brings purity and wonder to your magic shows.


  • A refined version of the trick preserves the core while enhancing aesthetics.
  • A magnetic mechanism adds an extra dimension of mystique and audience interaction.
  • Crafted meticulously from premium Ebony wood.
  • Examinable at the end


  • One regular boomerang-shaped wooden board, weighs 130g
  • One special boomerang-shaped wooden board (including gimmick), weighs 136g


  • Material: Ebony Wood
  • Curved diameter width: 42mm
  • Outer length: 248mm
  • Inner length: 220mm
  • Thickness: 12mm

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Weight990 g

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