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Infinitum by Hondo

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What you are going to learn is not only magic but a comprehensive concept.

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Infinitum by Hondo

Infinitum by Hondo



Infinite comes from the Latin word, Infinitum.
To name this magic Infinitum is to show that a connected rubber band looks like the mathematic symbol, infinity. Also, this magic is to bring everything to the basic, straightforward, closest to the real magic.
We hope that after you purchase this product, you can go back to your purity through the amazement that you gain from your audience.

Just imagine it.
A magician uses nothing but rubber bands to show many tricks, like linking rubber bands and giving them to the spectator.

How wonderful it is! The audience might not remember how he finds the card but whenever they see the rubber bands, which will remind them of him, who had connected two rubber bands in an unbelievable way!

What you get:
Each Infinitum contains one teaching DVD, 20 sets gimmick rubber bands, one set rubber DVD, Hondo will elaborate on his performance, how to present it, and how to take on the challenge from the audiences during or after the performance.

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Weight 180 g
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