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M Box Luxury Set (Half Dollar) by Artisan Coin & Jimmy Fan

195.90 Including tax

The Okito Coin Box has been a classic in the world of magic since its invention by Dutch magician Theodore Bamberg in 1911.

Available to order between 26, July 2024 and 29, July 2024.
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M Box Luxury Set (Half Dollar) by Artisan Coin & Jimmy Fan

M Box Luxury Set (Half Dollar) by Artisan Coin & Jimmy Fan



The Okito Coin Box has been a classic in the world of magic since its invention by Dutch magician Theodore Bamberg in 1911. The renowned coin magic master, David Roth, also dedicated a third of his book, Expert Coin Magic, to coin box magic. While there have been various versions of coin boxes, the big three coin boxes are still dominant: the Okito, Boston, and Slot box.

The Okito Box is a coin box without any gimmicks on the main body, named after its inventor. The Boston Box has a groove at the bottom where a coin can be placed, and the Slot Box has a groove inside that catches the coin when poured out. However, the different functions of these coin boxes can be confusing for magic enthusiasts new to coin boxes. This is where the M Box comes in.

The M Box = Okito + Boston, a fusion, and re-creation of the classic.

Designed by veteran coin magician Jimmy Fan, the M Box combines the Okito and Boston boxes in a truly functional fusion, not just merely piecing the two together. Unlike other combined boxes, the M Box has a unique indented groove design that allows it to switch between an Okito Box and a Boston Box with ease during the performance. This means that the M Box is both an Okito and Boston Box, and these two states can be switched even during mid-performance and examined at any time.

More Variants

If you’re looking to achieve more classic coin box effects, the M Box has various versions and accessories available for purchase separately in both sizes.

The Slot M Box is the slot version of the M Box. It can be used as a Slot Box or with an appropriate s***l inserted at the bottom, it can become a Slot Boston Box.

The Sokito (Solid) M Box is a box with a solid bottom. It has the same design as the regular M Box and can be used to perform the effect of turning the coin box into a solid brass block. A coin s***l can be inserted on both sides, so the coin box can be switched out in advance, then transform the coin box with four coins inside apparently, into a solid block.

The Mini M Box is a mini coin box that holds 3-4 small coins, such as the American Dime, British Five Pence, and others. It’s perfect for small-sized coin box routines or shrinking coin box routines.

If you purchase the “M Box Luxury Set,” you’ll receive the M Box Luxury solid wood storage/display box made of pure walnut wood.

Material selection

Aside from its magical features, the M Box is also a delicate, collectible magic apparatus in its own right.

Each M Box is pre-fabricated by the factory and then hand-finished and polished by Jimmy Fan. Like all the coin sets from Artisan Coins, each set is hand-refined. In addition, it has the following points:

  • Made of H62 brass, it develops a rich and fuller color patina after oxidation.
  • Decorative line design, very elegant;
  • Perfectly balanced weight. The chamfering and size provide an excellent feel and handling for easy execution of various techniques;
  • The spacious interior can fit expanded s***ls.


  • A new concept coin box that truly combines the features of the Okito and Boston boxes
  • Half dollar or Morgan dollar size options are available;
  • Made from H62 brass, handcrafted, with excellent texture. Perfect weight, and feel;
  • The tutorial contains multiple routines and applications from Jimmy Fan & Jay Wang.


Included in the M Box Luxury Set are the M Box, Slot M Box, Sokito (Solid) M Box, and Mini M Box, all contained within a beautiful solid wood storage box made of pure walnut wood.

If you prefer to purchase the boxes separately, you can choose from both sizes of the M Box, Slot M Box, and Sokito (Solid) M Box. The Mini M Box is only available in one size, suitable for holding 3-4 small coins like the American Dime or British Five Pence.


1. The M Box doesn’t come with an expanded s***l, which is required to use it as a Boston Box. If you plan on using it this way, you’ll need to provide your own expanded s***l. Please note that the M Box is not compatible with a milled s***l like Dean’s Set.

2. The wooden storage box is only included in the “M Box Luxury Set.” If you purchase the individual version of the M Box, it will not come with the wooden storage box.

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Weight1100 g

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