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QR card by Zazza

9.50 Including tax

A magical, modern and very powerful prediction.

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QR card by Zazza

QR card by Zazza



A magical, modern and very powerful prediction.

Turton this is what you will find with QR card.

Imagine having a prediction always in sight making you choose a card and lose it in the deck.

Now say that the card is trapped in another dimension and turn the QR card over… Scan the QR code and a video will appear on the spectator’s mobile phone with the selected card .. Which soon after will disappear and a message will appear “see on the table” and on the table instead of the QR card there will be the card selected at the beginning!! Leave a magical, visual and modern memory!

Immediate reset as there is not a single QR card therefore repeatable several times!

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Weight 20 g
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