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Vermillion by Think Nguyen

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Vermillion also explores Think’s take on estimation

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Vermillion by Think Nguyen

Vermillion by Think Nguyen



Hot on the heels of Think’s Debut DVD, Parallels, comes Vermillion — a DVD packed with jaw-dropping card magic. Vermillion also explores Think’s take on estimation (a power weapon for any card worker).

Think is fast becoming one of the most talked-about card magicians in the world, with the top names in the business praising his work. Now is your chance to learn from this rising star.

Contents of Vermillion:

  • 9th Configuration
  • Memory Separation
  • Rock Paper Scissors Sign
  • Gambler’s Triumph
  • The Asian Game
  • 1,2,3… Count on Me
  • One Shuffle Myth
  • Double Sandwiches
  • Cut and Found
  • Epitome Triple
  • A Matter of Estimation
  • Easy Poker Hand Demo Jumping Jack


  • Top and Bottom Cover Pass (TBC PASS)
  • Stimulation Shuffle
  • Fancy E. Production
  • Touch on the Hermann Pass
  • Touch on the Scrape Cut

Vermillion will elevate your card skills and amaze your audience!

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