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Voracity by Corey Burke

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Don’t just change their bill. Change their reality!

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Voracity by Corey Burke

Voracity by Corey Burke



Don’t just change their bill.
Change their reality!


Voracity – You now have the ability to borrow anyone’s dollar bill and change it into a $20, then into a $50, and finally into a $100.

Terminal Voracity – A Dollar bill slowly dissolves into a Five Dollar Bill that your spectator has been holding the entire time. A graceful take on the $1 / $5 Transpo. (Performance only)

The Monocle Production – Three coins spiral into view and then vanish one at a time. With a final reproduction allowing you to go into any three coin routine you so desire.

Mercenaring – A highly visual, linking ring routine used to showcase the Ultimate linking-ring count. Imagine being able to show all four rings separate from one another before you start..

Vicissitube – If you perform Slow burn, Hundy 500, or 3-D Cash you are going to want to add this handling to your routine right away! This is priceless!

Homer’s Odyssey – What do you get when you cross Four Coins and a Filipino with The Deep? The answer- a highly visual four coins across routine that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

Pennies From Down Under – An under-handed Tenkai Pennies routine for the brave!

“Wow! I just love it! How do you do that! Must be great for getting tips at table hopping, no?”
David Stone

Running Time Approximately 133min

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