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Akita Playing Cards by Blue Moon Co

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FULLY CUSTOM tuck box, pips, and courts!

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Akita Playing Cards by Blue Moon Co

Akita Playing Cards by Blue Moon Co



Created by Blue Moon Co.

“As I was writing the story, it truly brings out the emotions in me and so being a card collector who also loves the story and the Japanese culture, what more can I do than to express this beautiful dog on playing cards. I have to thank many collectors, creators and designers for the true inspiration of the deck itself by combining the few factors I of what I love mentioned above. I created these playing cards as a reminder to myself and also to everyone who owns this piece of work that we all can be a person of true integrity, loyalty and being faithful too. “

3-in-1 C shape design

FULLY CUSTOM tuck box, pips, and courts!

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Weight110 g

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