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Bag to Card (XXL) by Mr Magic

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Bag to card trick is presented in a new way.

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Bag to Card (XXL) by Mr Magic

Bag to Card (XXL) by Mr Magic


Bag to card trick is presented in a new way.

A spectator selects a card and remembers it and can show it to the audience. The card is put back in the deck and the deck is shuffled by the spectator. The magician announces that he can remove the selected card without seeing the cards.

The magician takes a bag and shows it to be empty. The deck is dropped inside the bag and the magician shakes the bag. He then then reaches to get the card inside the bag and takes one card out. With a smile he dramatically shows the card to the audience but it is not the selected card!

The magician tries two or three more times but the card is never the selected card. Then the magician shakes the bag harder and immediately the bag transforms into a large foulard with a jumbo print of the selected card.

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Weight 395 g
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