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CHANGELING by Peter Eggink

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A super visual, hands-off card change.

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CHANGELING by Peter Eggink

CHANGELING by Peter Eggink



A super visual, hands-off card change.

A card is selected (signed) by the spectator and returned in the pack. Next, the cards are shuffled and a random card is sandwiched in-between the 2 jokers in such a way that the card remains in full view at all times.

The sandwich can be either placed on the table, card box etc. OR in the spectator’s hands…with just a riffle of the deck, visually and magically the indifferent, sandwiched card changes into the spectator’s signed selection -this really looks like trick photography!

LOTS of different routines can be done with the cleverly made “Changeling” gimmick, e.g. Card to Bill, Color Changes etc.

Each gimmick is hand-build and is ready to go. The “Changeling” gimmick can be use in both, a red or blue deck of bicycle cards.

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