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Emerald Wonder Playing Cards

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A versatile and elegant deck designed to enhance your card games and collections with understated sophistication

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Emerald Wonder Playing Cards

Emerald Wonder Playing Cards


Introducing Wonder Playing Cards – Emerald Wonder Standard Edition, a versatile and elegant deck designed to enhance your card games and collections with understated sophistication. The card edges maintain a classic, non-gilded style, allowing the timeless emerald green color to take center stage.

Precision-crafted by Boschiero & Newton in Italy, the tuck box of Wonder Playing Cards features a stylish yet straightforward design that complements the classic theme of the standard edition. Crafted with attention to detail, the use of industry-leading Kurz foil ensures durability and a touch of refinement without unnecessary embellishments.

Manufactured by WJPC, the cards in the Standard Edition boast an embossed finish for superior handling. The classic stock feel provides comfort and familiarity, making these cards suitable for a wide range of card games and maneuvers. Wonder Playing Cards – Emerald Wonder Standard Edition is a testament to quality and functionality, offering a timeless choice for card enthusiasts.

The distinctive 3D back design contributes to an engaging visual experience during gameplay. The combination of classic aesthetics and the superior handling of the card stock ensures a balanced and enjoyable performance.

The tuck box, crafted with care by Boschiero and Newton, maintains a sense of luxury with subtle embossing, complementing the overall elegance of the standard edition. Wonder Playing Cards – Emerald Wonder Standard Edition strikes a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing a tasteful option for those who appreciate the timeless appeal of classic card decks. Elevate your card game with the understated sophistication of Wonder Playing Cards.

  • Only 1500 made
  • Cards printed by WJPC
  • Tucks made by Boschiero & Newton
  • Designed by Chris Hage
  • Produced by Wondercraft Playing Cards

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Weight110 g

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