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Encyclopedia Pickpocketing- #4

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Volume Four – Stages, Stooges, and Table Work (DVD4PICKP)

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Encyclopedia Pickpocketing- #4

Encyclopedia Pickpocketing- #4


Volume Four – Stages, Stooges, and Table Work (DVD4PICKP)

Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Pickpocketing Volume #4, Stages, Stooges, and Table Work. Byrd and Coats discuss theory, props, tricks, and techniques you can use to successfully add pickpocketing to your stage and / or restaurant routines. This DVD will teach you, step-by-step, how to perform the following:

-Pickpocketing in a straight jacket with 3 different escapes
-The Shirt Pull
-Shadow Pickpocketing
-Stage Whispering
-Pickpocket Stage gags such as:

  • Dirty Underwear
  • Underwear Pull

-Pickpocket Props such as:

  • the Hand
  • the Jacket

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