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Freak 2.0 by Will Houstoun

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Distort your finger in unbelievable ways!

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Freak 2.0 by Will Houstoun

Freak 2.0 by Will Houstoun



Freak out your friends

Distort your finger in unbelievable ways!

With this incredible finger bending trick, no matter who you show, you’re guaranteed to amaze, disgust and just freak them out! And believe it or not, will Houstoun’s FREAK is only an illusion, which anyone can learn – it’s that easy! Once you know the secret, you’ll be getting great reactions in no time.

On this DVD, Will goes into intricate detail revealing the secret to all four phases of the routine providing you with 20 minutes of expert instruction, and performance tips. Add FREAK to your repertoire now!

This is one freakish effect that you and your audience will never forget!

Running Time: Approximately 20 mins

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Weight 188 g
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