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Influence by Steve Cook & Alan Wong

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A delightfully, unique & deceptive twist on the Free Will premise!

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Influence by Steve Cook & Alan Wong

Influence by Steve Cook & Alan Wong


A delightfully, unique & deceptive twist on the Free Will premise!

Partly inspired by the Free Will premise, but with a unique and different method. No force, no ambiguous written prediction, in fact, no written prediction at all!

Super Simple. Super Subtle. Super Direct. Super Powerful!

The performer offers to demonstrate an experiment in subconscious influence.

A participant, unaware of what is printed on one side of three blank cards, which highlight three different holder locations, mixes the cards, then somehow matches the cards to those specific locations.

The participant makes all the choices and can even change their mind!

“That’s the best application of a Free Will premise I have ever seen.”
– Ian Barradell

You are supplied with a special leather wallet, a special leather ID case, a Tyvek envelope and custom printed durable plastic cards.

A very strong effect. Very easy to do. Delightfully and logically structured.

Resets in seconds. All items self-contained in one compact, special, utility wallet.

All items are custom-made. Ready to go. Takes up very little pocket space.

Fully detailed PDF instructions by Steve Cook.

One of those rare effects that is a real joy for audiences to see, and a real joy to perform!

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Weight250 g

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