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Magnifying ghost glass

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Here is a wonderful take on the classic “ghost glass”!

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Magnifying ghost glass

Magnifying ghost glass



Here is a wonderful take on the classic “ghost glass”!

The magician shows a magnifying glass and then has two spectators choose two different cards, puts them back in the deck and shuffles. Then, he lays the deck face down on the table and inspects the cards with a magnifying glass looking for clues that will reveal the chosen cards. Finally he breathes on the glass of the lens where, magically, the chosen cards will appear. A moment later the glass will be totally transparent again!

• The deck is not included.
• The two “revelations” with the glass, may differ from set to set.
• The magnifying glass allows to reveal two different cards. It has a diameter of cm 5,90 and a length of cm 14,4.

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Weight150 g

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