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Outlaw Bicycle Deck by US Playing Card

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The xXx : Outlaws represent a new standard in playing card design.

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Outlaw Bicycle Deck by US Playing Card

Outlaw Bicycle Deck by US Playing Card


With a photo realistic back print and box design and a gritty, yet sleek joker and ace of spades, the outlaw deck sits perfectly in the hands of both the modern street magician and the contemporary professional.

Drawing inspiration from the prohibition and Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Outlaws,” the stylish back print weaves in and out of jet black with layers of poetic script throughout.

The triple X stands strong on the head of either end of each card, sitting on top of classic pistols and roses expressing the fact that nothing is impossible with passion and ruthlessness.

The full moon that sits at the heart of each card has an ultra-subtle one way design for marking selected cards and is the perfect shade of light grey to have small predictions of numbers or initials written upon it.

Included in each deck are two jokers, one of which with a three of diamonds reveal. As well as the jokers, you will receive one blank faced Outlaw card and an Outlaw/Red Mandolin double backed card.

The first deck from the 1914 collective. Designed by alt-magician Dee Christopher and produced by Titanas Magic Productions.

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Weight 110 g

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