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PokéMonte by Michael O’Brien & Deuce Gala Magic

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PokéMonte is the unmistakable, pop culture catchy, smile inducing magic trick that’s sure to make you stand out!

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PokéMonte by Michael O’Brien & Deuce Gala Magic

PokéMonte by Michael O’Brien & Deuce Gala Magic



PokéMonte is the unmistakable, pop culture catchy, smile inducing magic trick that’s sure to make you stand out!

Within seconds, this charming, unique modern twist on the “Color Monte” classic by Emerson & West will have your audience:

  • Instantly intrigued
  • Excited to see your magic
  • Knowing they’re about to witness something truly unique!

And yes, it’s easy to do.

With O’Brien’s take on the classic color monte plot, you don’t need to be a sleight-of-hand master to start performing incredible magic.

Heck, you don’t even need a table!

Perform it anytime, anywhere, for anyone – without disrupting their dinner or invading their space!

Furthermore, PokéMonte is:

  • Angle proof
  • Completely examinable
  • Resets in seconds!

Plus, you’ll get access to in-depth video tutorials that hold your hand every step of the way! So there’s never a question about what to do, how to do it, or when to make it happen. Plus so much more!

You’ll Get:

7 Authentic TCG Cards
– Instantly set yourself apart by creating intrigue with 100% examinable cards that anyone will recognize.

In-depth Video Tutorials on Performance and Presentation (Download)
– O’Brien walks you through each aspect, in detail, on how to do every move, and there’s really only one!
– You’ll also learn how to present the effect in such a way that builds interest, intrigue, and has them completely surprised and impressed by the end!

A Kicker Ending Where The Spectator’s Chosen Card Is Revealed In The Most Fairest And Memorable Way Possible
-You’ll discover the most impressive reveals with a 100% hit rate, every time.

Performance Commentary (Download)
– This is a professional magician’s play by play breakdown of the performance.
– You’ll know exactly why O’Brien did what he did so that you can avoid potential hurdles and jump over them with ease.

Duper Practice (Download)
– Learn faster and start performing quicker with this POV, over the shoulder, slow motion replay of how to perform the effect.

Mirrored Playback (Download)
– You’ll no longer be trying to follow along in frustration.
– With a reversed image version of the tutorial, my movements will mirror yours for lightning fast learning!

Chapter Markers
– Now you can skip to WHAT you need WHEN you need it! #NoScrubs!

Video Captions
– Need to be quiet? Out and about without headphones? No problem!
– Captions are perfect for uninterrupted learning when audio isn’t an option.

Infield, Road Tested Script (Download)
– A quick PDF guide for anytime access to O’Brien’s field tested script.
– Includes insights, subtitles, and troubleshooting tips.

Exclusive Lifetime Access To The Deuce Gala Magic Private Facebook Group
– Get direct assistance with questions.
– Get access to a seasoned group of like-minded magicians.
– Watch and participate in monthly LIVE sessions and AMAs.

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