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Pro-Phesy by Smagic

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Accurately predict audience choice.

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Pro-Phesy by Smagic

Pro-Phesy by Smagic



Accurately predict audience choice.

Bring your Pro-Phesy and walk to the crowd in front of you, then ask “Which of the 52 cards do you like best?” You will take out an envelope and then give it to the audience to open themselves, inside is the result they have chosen. Not only asking questions about 52 cards, you can create your own questions depending on your ideas. The effect ends with perfectly clean hands. Perfect.


  • You can perform online by calling video
  • Very nice card holder and envelopes
  • Card wallet is 100% made of PU material
  • Easy to do with many effects
  • Received a huge response from the audience.

Perfect for any occasion, it’s designed so you can take it anywhere, perform at any time. Easy to do with detailed and online video tutorials.

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Weight250 g

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