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Remote Viewing Manual Book Test by James Ward

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FINALLY – a book test with meaning!

Available to order between 25, July 2024 and 26, July 2024.
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Remote Viewing Manual Book Test by James Ward

Remote Viewing Manual Book Test by James Ward


FINALLY – a book test with meaning!

With your helper playing the part of an enemy spy located elsewhere in the world, you prove – replicating government-sponsored experiments from the 1950s onwards – that you can leave your body and access top secret information through the power of remote viewing.

The Remote Viewing Manual allows you to reveal a place name, time of day, playing card, ESP symbol and word that your helper is thinking of – from any one of a hundred different pages in the book.

Any page can be chosen, no two pages are the same, and the book can even be handed out for inspection.

Perfect for stage/stand-up/cabaret, the routine can also be performed around tables as the book is conveniently pocket-sized.

Unlike many book tests, the Remote Viewing Manual has a built-in justification for its use. Purporting to be a facsimile copy of an original 1954 reference tool – one that predated but was used during the famous Stargate Project of the 1970s – the Manual’s content has clear purpose and dispenses with the need to force one book from several, which can often look false.

From The Magic Circle’s award-winning author of Magic with Meaning, The Little Book of Thick and Creating the Impossible (co-written with award-winning magician Chris Wardle MIMC), James Ward’s Remote Viewing Manual will add a powerful new weapon to your mentalism armory.

The book comes with a link to downloadable PDF instructions and, though it’s not something you will perform ‘straight out of the box’, the methods at work are not difficult to learn. They may even spark new ideas and ignite your own creative genius.

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