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SHOWCASE 2.0 (Universal) by Thomas Sealey and Mark Traversoni

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SHOWCASE 2.0 Created by Mark Traversoni from the original idea of Thomas Sealey

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SHOWCASE 2.0 (Universal) by Thomas Sealey and Mark Traversoni

SHOWCASE 2.0 (Universal) by Thomas Sealey and Mark Traversoni



SHOWCASE 2.0 Created by Mark Traversoni from the original idea of Thomas Sealey

SHOWCASE blurs the line between physical, digital and magical, taking the modern classic ‘Card to Phone’ effect into a new dimension. Never before have you been able to show your hands completely empty or show the phone all around before sliding, swiping or visually dropping their full card – yes, FULL CARD onto their hands.

The days of tricky sleights, mercury folding cards and holding out things behind the phone are over.

SHOWCASE gifts you a universe of new ideas and absolute freedom over handlings, allowing us do things never before possible…never before this clean or visual… COMPLETELY SURROUNDED. It’s one of those effects which looks and feels like real magic – the moment you produce the card feels even to the performer that it came from inside the phone.

So… what is SHOWCASE?

SHOWCASE is a credit card holder for the back of your phone or phone case with a flat back at least 66mm x 95mm. It allows you to secretly hold out a card, load and lock selected and signed cards during performance. An ingenious locking mechanism means the moment you produce the card is 100 percent under your control.

A product which works gloriously with the existing Card to Phone apps (purchase separately) on the market (including Card2Phone and Card Now, Google them) which you probably already own – if not we highly recommend them – and they’re cheap too. You can of course, perform card in phone using other non-app methods which we teach you using your phone’s camera roll or video.

The doors SHOWCASE open make way for some truly incredible and original routines:

Don’t Want to Use an App? – Video Prediction
Picture this, after your spectator picking a card, pulling your phone out, going into your photos album to play a video of yourself you recorded earlier that day. In the video, you show the back of a predicted card before DROPPING it, off the screen – and out of the phone, into your hand!

Inside the Box:
Showcase 2.0 card holder

Not included:
Phone, phone case or Apps

This is Card in Phone like you never thought possible. IT’S SHOWTIME.

Note the phones used in the trailer are iPhones using the Apps Card2Phone for Playing Cards and Card Now for business card and Credit Cards, other Apps / phones may vary in handling.

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