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Sucker Ball Box

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A new and sparkling idea for the old Die Box!

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Sucker Ball Box

Sucker Ball Box



The magician displays a box with two doors which he opens showing it empty inside. On one side inside, he puts a ball and closes the doors. He tilts the box to the left, saying that the ball has disappeared and opens the right door to confirm this. Then he tilts the box to the right and opens the left compartment door. And so several times. The audience roars understanding that every time the ball simply rolls from one side of the box to the other. The magician then opens both doors and shows how the ball cannot pass from one side to the other as it is impeded by a solid central divider! Then, he closes the doors and repeats the effect again: the ball will magically continue to move undisturbed in the box until the magician opens the doors again to show tthat it has completely vanished!

A new and sparkling idea for the old Die Box!

• Very easy to perform.
• Ideal for parould and stage shows.
• Perfect for all audiences, and very much loved by children.
• The box, made of wood, measures cm 19.8 (7,8″) x 10 (3,9″) x 10.5 (4,13″). The ball has a diameter of approximately cm 5.5 (2,16″).

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Weight950 g

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