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Take My Word For It by Ronjo Magic

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These sponge words bring laughs to any sponge ball routine

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Take My Word For It by Ronjo Magic

Take My Word For It by Ronjo Magic


Every word a laugh!

These sponge words bring laughs to any sponge ball routine. As you deliver a punch line, make a word appear from nowhere. Or pull a word out of your hat, shoe or even ear! Exchange a word for a ball. Give a spectator a ball to hold. When their hand is opened, they are surprised to find that the ball has become a word – and the word sets up in your punch line. If you love sponge routines, these sponge words will instantly expand your routines in an explosion of new ideas. Even if you’ve never used sponge balls before, this will get you started on a terrific new way to delight your audiences.

Includes 17 hilarious sponge words and letters, complete instructions and suggestions for many routines.

Sponge words included: TIME * WENT * WHAT * WHY * YES * NO * BALLS * NOTHING * SOMETHING * STOP * MORE * NOW * LEFT * RIGHT * IT * SH * Y

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