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Write-Thru by Bizzaro & Danny Weiser

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That’s why everyone we’ve shown Write-Thru to is blown away… by a simple pen ‘click’!

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Write-Thru by Bizzaro & Danny Weiser

Write-Thru by Bizzaro & Danny Weiser



Did you know that mankind landed on the Moon before we invented wheels on suitcases? Sometimes we care so much about the bigger picture that we forget to think about the details. And you don’t need us to tell you that the devil is always in the details.

That’s why everyone we’ve shown Write-Thru to is blown away… by a simple pen ‘click’!

It’s the ultimate ‘Why hasn’t this been done before?!’ understatement of the century.

Write-Thru is the classic pen through bill, but with an explosive ace up its sleeve – a POWERFUL subtlety that cancels the method completely to even the most obnoxious of hecklers!

“Very clever, very sneaky, and very commercial.”
-David Regal

“A wonderful added convincer to an ALREADY spectacular effect. A mainstay classic of magic just got better!”
– Matthew Wright

Write-Thru comes pre-equipped with patented STICK IT AND CLICK IT™ technology. Shove the pen through a bill and CLICK IT, and you’ll instantly silence magicians and hecklers alike.

Write-Thru contains non-patented, non-toxic, ordinary ink. Use it for signatures, doodles, or to create drawings of black holes through which you can safely pass matter through matter! #science

Just like Wolverine, but on paper. They watch in amazement as a punctured bill is restored to perfectly mint condition!

You puncture, you click, you heal! Rewrite the rules of the impossible with Write-Thru!

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